Standing under the autumn canopy

Autumn this year has taken its own sweet time to set in. Even now, leaves in shades of orange, yellow and maroon are clinging onto the branches of trees. If you look closely, you might even spot shades of green!

Last Sunday was cold and rainy. Quite typical for a Dutch Sunday in the middle of November. Not exactly the kind of day you spend outdoors and definitely not in a park. Except that Westerpark has a lot of covered spaces, exhibition halls and cafeterias. It hosts a food market a couple of times a month. That was what drew us there. Although I did end up spending a lot of time outside taking these pictures.

This lot almost looks like out of a stained glass window:

While these two, I edited to be a bit more muted (the first one below is a personal favourite):

Cleaning up the autumn mess

In the US last month, I had noticed that a considerable amount of people’s time, fuel and energy was being expended in creating piles of leaves with leaf blowers. Garbage trucks eventually cleared these piles away. While this works beautifully in a college-town of a little over three thousand, in a dense city like Amsterdam, the idea of individuals out with their personal leaf blowers not only sounds ridiculous, it’ll be plain inefficient.

The municipality here does it with three member cleaning squads equipped with high-pressure water jets, a street cleaning car and a good old fashioned broom. The whole process is surprisingly fascinating to watch, so much so, that I made a short video:

Photoblog: Photo #55 – Monk dolls

Taken exactly 18 months ago in Brussels. We were looking for a Thai place for dinner. Our search led us to Rue Sainte-Catherine – a busy street with many Asian restaurants and grocery stores. These dolls were standing in the cluttered, dusty shelf of a grocery store. Back then I was going through a Hipstamatic Tintype phase. Put simply, I was clicking anything that had the potential to be recognised as a face by the iPhone’s camera. These dolls however, had a lot more going for them besides their faces – gimmicky phone software or not, I would’ve taken their picture!