The harmonious chaos of Amsterdam’s traffic

Compared to India, where cars, buses, bikers, autorikshaws and stray cows jostle for the same limited space, the traffic in central Amsterdam doesn’t feel chaotic. While riding a cab last week, my perspective shifted a little. The cars share the same road with trams. The cyclists and the pedestrians occasionally spill over into the same shared space from their designated lanes. So the traffic here is chaotic too but a harmonious kind of chaotic. That said, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most densely populated cities, but it’s population density is still a third of Delhi. Plus, respect for traffic rules and others’ personal space keeps traffic flowing smoothly.

p.s. I am quite enjoying playing with Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app. Considering how shaky the cab was and how hard it is to hold a phone-camera steady for six minutes at a stretch, I am quite impressed that it pulled out a somewhat usable footage out of the ride. While by default it speeds up the video 6x, it also allows you to save a 1x version which sounds like a great way to get image-stabalised version straight from your phone’s camera.

p.p.s. Here is another, much shorter segment from the same ride:

p.p.p.s. Found myself relating a little to Apple’s misunderstood TV spot – at least one of the persons sharing the ride thought I was taking selifes.

Photoblog: Photo #47 – The view from IJdok

When we moved to our apartment in Amsterdam three years ago, a building was coming up right in front. Rather it seemed like a building. It fact, it was an entire complex of buildings on a manmade island complete with a small harbour for boats. It feels quite surreal to now be actually visiting these buildings. Housed in one of them, is a restaurant that we like to visit. It offers a nice selection of bagels and spectacular views of the river IJ. If you are lucky, you might even catch a cruise ship going past the restaurant’s windows.