Sea Gulls in slow-mo

An entourage of seagulls always follows the Teso ferry on its twenty-minute or so ride from Den Helder to Texel. So naturally, people feed them. Or perhaps the gulls follow the ship precisely because people feed them? I’ve been on this ferry several times and I still find it fascinating to watch the gulls manoeuvre through the strong winds to catch the pieces of bread thrown at them.

If a morsel isn’t retrieved mid-air and happens to fall into the water, the gulls waste no time in descending quickly into the choppy sea. A crow or two might join the fray in the air, but they know their limits and don’t bother chasing the gulls into the water.

This feeding frenzy is a natural candidate for being recorded in slow-mo, so here it is:

p.s. For some reason, Bach’s Goldberg Variations seemed like a natural choice for the background score. I found a recent public domain recording by Kimiko Ishizaka at Musopen.

p.p.s. I used VSCO for grading the video.