I am feeling very nostalgic at the moment. The feeling is mingled with a good deal of sadness. Sadness at things passing away. Sadness at being a mere helpless spectator. The Barista featured in the picture above used to be my favorite place in the world. The sunlit, tastefully-done, quaint building at St. Mark’s Road, is now a Hard Rock Café. It is dark, dingy (even on a bright Sunday morning) and soulless.

A Gulmohar tree - again on St. Mark’s road - was felled this weekend. It was huge - with its canopy reaching the other side of the road. I don’t know if it came down on the account of heavy rains here or was chopped down for yet another harebrained expansion of the road. It was a source of joy and strength.

All this makes me want to run away from Bangalore. Problem is, where will I go?

July 28, 2008