O Sujan Majhi Re

O Sujon Majhi ReO Sujon Majhi Re

I will not even try to conceal the fact that the stylistic treatment” (big word eh!) of this picture has been inspired by Chromasia. As for the title, it’s a straight lift from The Bong Connection’s soundtrack. The first two lines of the song go like this:

O Sujan Majhi Re Kon Ghate Lagaiba Tomar Naab

I studied Bengali for two years in school, and learned about as much as someone in Kolkata would learn in kindergarten. So my translation should be treated as highly suspect, but it should convey the gist of things:

O Boatman! Who shall take your boat across (to the other bank of the river) [as suspected, I messed this one up] To which bank shall you take your boat

Yes, baul” gets butchered when translated to English. Anyway, given the condition of this boat, I hope that the Majhi has already abandoned it - if nothing else - in the interest of public safety.

Multiple sources of inspiration should make this post a mash-up” - really the in thing these days.

August 27, 2008