The Roof Over Our Head

The Roof Over Our HeadThe Roof Over Our Head

Our home-stay at Coorg had a small covered area in their lawn. Besides the hammock and a scenic view that the spot presented, I was fascinated by the roof that covered it. The way the light fell, the geometric pattern of tiles, the overall symmetry, all added up to make the roof eminently photographable. I got on my knees, pointed the camera at the exact center of the roof and clicked a few shots. It then occurred to me that I was sitting exactly the way Arjuna was depicted in our school textbooks as he shot a golden fish (mounted on a wheel spinning on a pole) in its eye while looking at its reflection in a pool of oil below. I said something to the effect of, how, if I were to arrange such an archery contest, it would involve cameras and fish-eye lenses rather than the fish’s eye. That got me a very special look from my wife - one that she reserves for my exceptionally sordid jokes, and I knew that I did not have to take the analogy any further. Ah, well - I present to you - ze roof.

October 3, 2008