I don’t get Mumbai. At its worst, I find it too humid, too hot and too crowded. At its best, I find it intimidating. A few photos from a 2-day stopover last month enroute to Pune.

A part of the city that tenuously (or is it tenaciously?) holds on to its older moniker of Bombay:

Mumbai 1Mumbai 1

There is a very fine line between bold and garish. I am still not sure on which side of this line I should place the Hiranandani township in Powai. Is it brave to replicate elements of European architecture - complete with those tall columns, pediments, balustrades, arches, domes and spires (sometimes merely tacked on to terrace of a multi-storey apartment complex) - or is it pretentious?

Mumbai 2Mumbai 2

Mumbai 3Mumbai 3

Mumbai 4Mumbai 4

December 10, 2009