Avatar Take II

Let’s face it, Avatar isn’t winning any awards for best screenplay, dialogue or acting (wouldn’t that be going to the animators anyway?) and yet watching it for the second time wasn’t as big a bore as I had thought it would be.

A good deal of Pandora’s charm stays intact even on second viewing, but there are some tedious scenes - especially as the movie draws to a protracted end - during which you can take time out for certain random experiments/observations:

  1. Closing one eye makes the 3D go away”. Expected, because most theaters, including the one we went to, use stereoscopic projection - which, to put it crassly, relies on each eye seeing its own thing. After all, we’ve all got Wikipedia to do the heavy lifting.

  2. The font used for the English sub-titles of Na’vi dialogues was Papyrus, which looked a little jarring. I’ll try to see the glass half-full here - it could’ve been Comic Sans.

January 26, 2010