A vignette from a vacation

A big German Shepherd, named after an American electronica musician quite popular in the UK, caused us considerable panic by charging straight towards us. Turns out, it simply wanted to play its own peculiar brand of fetch” that involves the human subject kicking a piece of stone or wooden stick, which the canine will then promptly fetch and gingerly place at your feet. This was done till one of the parties tired out (invariably us).

The rules were quite like football in the sense that trying to touch the stone or stick with your hands carried a penalty - which in this case was the dog’s undiluted scorn that might have translated into a bite, causing you to lose the appendage that intervened for good.

A vignette from a vacation 1A vignette from a vacation 1

A vignette from a vacation 2A vignette from a vacation 2

All said and done, Moby turned out to be an adorable dog - like most dogs are. We might visit the Red Hills again just for a game of fetch with Moby.

January 3, 2010