Mahler’s death centenary

The musicians at Centraal Station were playing at the North (IJ-facing) exit today. Here is what they sound like:

Download: mp3 (476 kb) | ogg (380 kb)

The overcast weather of the last three days and the cold river-front breeze makes the music sound more melancholy than it should.

It was Mahler’s 100th death centenary today. I was expecting google to do their customary doodle but it wasn’t on their .com homepage and it seems like their .de and .at homepages gave it a miss as well. As a teeny private tribute, I played Mahler on my headphones all day.

Slightly spooky coincidence of the day: while checking the tram routes to office, I discovered that tram 16 terminates at Gustav Mahlerlaan:


May 18, 2011