In which Harry Potter takes over Antwerpen Centraal

Spent a lovely day in Bruges today (the clock reads 12:09 so technically it’s already yesterday). We were dog tired and therefore in no mood for breaking our journey in Antwerp but our 8:00 PM Amsterdam connection was cancelled and so we found ourselves killing time at the Antwerpen-Centraal station. It’s the grandest and the most beautiful station I’ve seen so far. While I was busy clicking the architectural details, the wife discovered this exhibition of pictures from the Harry Potter movies:

In which Harry Potter takes over Antwerpen CentraalIn which Harry Potter takes over Antwerpen Centraal

She and her camera’s battery are not on talking terms these days so she had to compose this shot for me in her head and call me to realize it. Harry Potter goes nicely with this station. The events in the books could have actually unfolded at a place like this.

Harry Potter and Bruges have always been linked in my head. Ralph Fiennes, who plays Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies, plays a character called Harry in the movie In Bruges. The first time I heard about Bruges was when I watched In Bruges. And for Harry Potter to become a part of of our Bruges visit…

July 9, 2011