The old and the new

Just two of the hundreds of things that drift past our window every day:

A SloopA Sloop

A Cruise ShipA Cruise Ship

A huge building was coming up on our left when we moved in here in April. From a crane that was unceremoniously parked in front of the river yesterday, it looks like that new construction is about to start on the other side as well. That would leave me with only a tiny window to compose and click these things from. In the race to the waterfont, our building must’ve ruined many views as well. In that regard, even the Amsterdam Centraal Station wasn’t very well received (courtesy Wikipedia):

Almost all of Amsterdam’s own experts and others involved in thought this to be a catastrophic plan, the most disgusting possible attack on the beauty and glory of the capital’. Nevertheless, the building of the Central Station in front of the open harbour was forced through by the railway department of the Ministry of Transport in The Hague, and the Home Secretary, Thorbecke. Finally, the plan made its way through the Amsterdam municipal council by a narrow majority.

I’ll just add this event to my list of reasons to rent over buying.

September 2, 2011