Dog diary

The problem with visiting countries that have a currency different from your home country is that you’ll always have some change left over at the end of your trip. This pocket diary was procured from a shop at the Prague Airport with spare change from the trip1 (scans of the front and back cover):

Dog DiaryDog Diary

I tend to doodle a lot — especially when I am told to sit down and listen to someone make a presentation. The information density” in such a setting is too low for my mind to be fully occupied. It tends to wander off into distant lands of its own invention and has to be shanghaied into paying attention to the matters on hand by doodling. Here are some pages from the diary:


My trusted Pilot V5 ran out of ink during one of these sketches. I had to modify the lyrics of Emilíana Torrini’s Fireheads to suit the situation:

It’s not fair to say I wasted ink
in my view I used it all up

  1. This - Prague - trip.↩︎

December 22, 2011