Saying it with lights and postcards

We were in the Ikea store just a few days before Christmas and were quite amazed at the number of things available for decorating Christmas trees. All mass-produced and all very pretty. I saw boxes of snowflake-shaped, string lights lying in the bins they keep near billing aisles to nudge you into making those last-moment, things-I-never-needed-but-will-now-buy impulse purchases. There was a suction cup attached to each light in the string to allow you stick it to a glass window and that had enough of a novelty value for me to buy one box.

String lights with suction cups!String lights with suction cups!

[The suction cups have proven to be dodgy and have had to be supplemented with some Sellotape]

The wife was in London to enjoy the build-up to Christmas. She brought a collection of colourful postcards from Tate Modern to put up on the living room wall. The white walls were in desperate need of holiday cheer and I was more than happy to play along. Here is what the collage of postcards on our wall finally looks like:

Postcards on our wallPostcards on our wall

Postcards on our wallPostcards on our wall

December 25, 2011