Video update

I am trying to get the blog up to speed with all the traveling we have been doing this year. While I try to find time to process all the pictures and write down the notes, I am posting some videos here. A picture, someone wise said, is worth a thousand words. I suspect that since video was after the wise one’s time, a word limit on videos hasn’t been set yet.

While in Nice, we spent a lot of time listening to waves crash on the pebble beaches. As the waves recede, they try to drag the pebbles along causing them to rub against each other. This makes for an interesting thunderous sound:

The single-coach, yellow trams (and not the Fado singers) are the real prima donnas of Lisbon. We saw many tourists with cameras lurk in anticipation of their arrival just to catch a good shot. We weren’t averse to that behaviour ourselves:

The Gondoliers of Venice sing only in the movies. In real life, they just row, which - with something as ungainly as a Gondola - is a lot of work as it is. That said, you can hire a singer (and an accompanying instrumentalist) separately. The acoustics of the streets and the canals aren’t a letdown either.

And that about sums up the year so far. Not counting the trip to India in Feb, it’s been 4 countries this year. We might just achieve our target of 12.

March 27, 2012