The Russian Orthodox Cathedral at Nice

Since our hotel was within walking distance from the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice, we had initially decided to leave it for the last day of our trip. That hadn’t stopped us from trying to pay a visit on our second evening in Nice, but a private function was on inside, and a rather forbidding security guard had turned us back from the entrance. We had better luck in the morning the day after and found ourselves standing in the courtyard of this ornate cathedral:

It reminded me of St. Petersburg Cathedral which I’ve seen many times - but only in pictures and movies. The building, despite it’s grandeur, looked delicately fragile. I am deeply skeptical of all religions, and yet constantly amazed at the architectural achievements faith inspires.

P.S. While looking at the pictures closely, I noticed a lightening conductor fixed to the topmost cross. Science and religion might have been at cross purposes, but theres no denying who’s on top.

September 1, 2012