Conçao1 Canção Do Mar (Song of the Sea) by Dulce Pontes was my introduction to Fado. The song featured in a scene of the movie Primal Fear. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. Those were the pre-Internet days in India and I couldn’t locate a CD anywhere. I finally found it at a music shop at Schiphol while waiting for a connecting flight to the US a few years ago. The connection between Fado, me and Amsterdam came up again last year (some 8 years after I found the CD) when I caught a performance of Dulce Pontes live at the Concertgebouw.

Since then I’ve discovered other Fado artists that have reenforced my love for the music. I wanted to attend a live Fado performance at one of the Fado houses in Lisbon but that didn’t work out during this trip. We did however come across a band of student musicians that made beautiful music:

And thanks to all the walking we did in Alfama, I think I understand Fado a little better.

P.S. The graffiti in the first picture reminded me of Mario Miranda. Perhaps not surprising, given that Goa was a Portuguese Colony till 1961 (a good 14 years after the British left). I am constantly surprised at how much the history books in school omitted.

  1. Thanks for the correction Bruno!↩︎

October 25, 2012