Venice: bridges, streets, canals

Hundreds of bridges criss-cross the maze of streets and canals that is Venice. While we didn’t keep a tally, we must’ve walked across at least a fourth of them:

It’s not uncommon to see a small bridge extend from one side of a street over a canal to the entrance of your house on the other side. Then there are bridges that simply connect two houses. In Venice, the distinction between a street and a canal is a tenuous one and I am sure the terms are used interchangeably…

…except when you are standing over a bridge over looking a proper” canal

We saw a lot of streets that had clotheslines stretched across houses on either side. I must be smitten with Venice because even something as mundane as drying laundry looked a little surreal.

Another fascinating aspect of Venice was the statuettes, plaques and the little niches, mostly depicting religious and historical themes, built into the walls of houses and small chapels.

But the walls in Venice are fascinating even when they are unadorned for each one bears a distinct time-worn look.

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December 16, 2012