Amsterdam’s waterfront in 4K

The Kodak Super 8 Camera announcement has received a lot of attention from the press at CES this year.

While I understand the nostalgia associated with vinyl and to some extent with film (the still variety), the original Super 8 was so much before my time that it’s hard for me to work up any enthusiasm for it. The camera will take Kodak cartridges for a 15 minute shoot. The cartridge will need to be sent to lab for processing - only for it to come back as a digital upload for you to share or work with.

But I guess it will appeal to some people - if not for the nostalgia or its novelty, for the evocative look of its output.

I for one don’t intend to forgo the convenience of my iPhone 6s plus for a 1960s visual aesthetic. The phone allows me to shoot, edit and share gorgeous, optically stabalised 4k footage:

[Remember to switch the quality to 4k and go full-screen!]

This clips shows the IJs western waterfront shot from one of the public ferries on a cold December morning.

January 13, 2016