Quarantine Diaries, Day 14

23:07 Not sleepy and not feeling like doing the pile of dishes in the sink.

18:30 Woke up from strange dreams. Of late I’ve been dreaming of crowded places and metro commutes.

16:00 We’d usually step out for coffee after lunch but didn’t. We were tired. Besides, no cafés are open outside. And while it was sunny outside, it was also cold (7ºC) and very windy (40 kmph+). Lying down on the couch under a blanket and drifting to sleep while reading Jared Diamond’s Upheaval seemed like the best course of action.

Jared Diamond - UpheavalJared Diamond - Upheaval

14:30 The wife made chickpeas and aubergine for lunch. We wolfed it down with supermarket mini-naans that were heated in the toaster for 8 minutes. Felt like a royal feast.

11:00 We’ve put our cleaner on paid leave so the wife and I cleaned the house. Last week I naively forgot to wear the protective gloves. With all the hand washing I doubt the skin on my hands would’ve taken to all the cleaning supplies too kindly this time.

09:00 Daylight Savings Time has kicked in. With us working from home for the foreseeable future, it has never mattered less. There were plans in the EU to ditch this biannual temporal fiddling starting 2021. Given the raging pandemic, like most other things, it’ll have to take a backseat.

March 29, 2020