Quarantine Diaries, Day 17

19:20 Went on a grocery run with the wife so that we could divvy up the list and get done sooner. Turns out that under our current social distancing norms, they would only allow one of us to enter. I stood outside and waited. Someone cleaned the handles of the shopping basket before the wife was allowed to pick it. The thought that I could get germs from hundreds of people touching the handle of a shopping basket had never crossed my mind before. Just as I never thought of our collective immunity as the foundation of modern urban society. Here’s hoping that I don’t come out an obsessive-compulsive germaphobe at the other end of this crisis.

13:48 A new month means a new monthly workout challenge from my Apple watch. I wonder if they tweaked their algorithm to keep these challenges on the easy side to account for the fact that a third of humanity is under a lockdown in their homes. Or was it simply derived off my relative inactivity in March?

April ChallengeApril Challenge

12:40 A Coffee Company branch in the neighbourhood has opened again for business but for delivery and pickup only. It’s the sort of cozy café that’d be packed with people sitting cheek by jowl hammering away on their laptops. Today it was empty. A table had been placed at the entrance to keep people from entering. I placed my order through the Deliveroo app 10 minutes in advance. It was ready a minute after I arrived. It was placed on that very table blocking the entrance for me to pick up. The coffee (Flat White with soy milk) was good. A much needed change from numerous Nespresso lungos we’ve been drinking at home.

09:30 A totally foreseeable consequence of being at home all the time is that the trash needs to be taken out twice if not thrice a week. This message on the trash bags made us chuckle.

Sometimes I get carried away - said the trash bagSometimes I get carried away - said the trash bag

April 1, 2020