Quarantine Diaries, Day 19

22:00 While the worldwide shortage of PPE and ventilators has been well publicised, there is a growing shortage of drugs needed to run an ICU that’s beginning to catch media’s attention. The Dutch hospitals have now been temporarily allowed to use veterinary propofol on humans. If this is happening in one of the richest countries in the world with a decent public healthcare system, I shudder to think of the horrors that await the slightly less well-to-do parts of the world. The old adage of prevention being better than cure never sounded truer…

14:00 Generously applying a hand lotion twice a day to keep the skin from turning into parchment.

10:05 A cold, rainy, windy day. The kind of day you’d need to pay people to go out on. We’d need a few more of these for our nationwide lockdown” to be successful. This Sunday is forecast to be sunny with a high of 20ºC. It’ll be hard to keep people indoors after the kind of mild but wet winter we’ve had this year.

April 3, 2020