Quarantine Diaries, Day 24

Dutch swear words are all about diseases. I haven’t personally had abuses hurled at me recently, but if this podcast is anything to go by, Coronavirus might already have made it to the Dutch profanity lexicon…

20:30 This year is Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. Amsterdam’s western classical calendar had many performances of his works lined up this year. Most of them are cancelled now. I had tickets to performances of two of his late string quartets in January. I couldn’t attend them because of a work trip, but was hoping to attend other performances of his works in the coming days. That looks increasingly unlikely.

Starting this week, Concertgebouw will release a new solo performance every Wednesday. They are calling these Empty Concertgebouw Sessions. Whether they feature works of Beethoven or not, I’ll be tuning in!

April 8, 2020