2020: My year in music

Music is one of the biggest joys of my life. In 2020 it was also a source of profound comfort and, in addition to whatever little I managed to read, also a way to travel the world.

Talking of travel, I often discover new music in cafes and restaurants, especially when in other countries. With restaurants closed in Amsterdam for most part of 20201 and no travel since Feb, that source dried up2. Music from books and TV shows filled in some of that void.

My annual ritual of making a playlist of music that brought me joy that year turns five. Despite finalising the playlist a month early, I’ve just not been able to muster the energy for the hours-long endeavour that is compiling liner notes that go with it. Perhaps I’ll do it retroactively…

Nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy the music!

The 2020 playlist on Spotify

  1. And when they were open briefly during summer, we were sitting outdoors in music-less settings. Even if we would have been indoors, I think we would be too busy relishing the experience of eating outside our home to pay attention to music.↩︎

  2. With one exception - I distinctly remember Shazam-ing Long Way by The Californian Honeydrops in the lobby of a boutique hotel in San Francisco when visiting in Jan-Feb 2020; a song you will find in the 2020 playlist. Looking at my Shazam playlist, there is also a song by Drop Out Orchestra from their album Aeroplane In Flight Entertainment, prophetically titled - It Will Never Be The Same Again. I should pay more attention to what I Shazam.↩︎

January 1, 2021