Crouching Monkey Hidden Lens

Crouching Monkey Hidden LensCrouching Monkey Hidden Lens

Crouching Monkey Hidden LensCrouching Monkey Hidden Lens

To a first-time visitor to Lal Bagh, the monkeys near the lake can be intimidating. Yes they are sometimes a riotous lot and are readily excited if you happen to have food upon you, but they mean no harm. Often, they are just curious.

Taken last year at Lal Bagh. I am in the market for a new camera. Before I buy one, I’ve promised myself to clean up pictures taken with my current camera over last the 2.5 years, and post a hundred of them here. If I cannot, I probably don’t deserve a camera. These two count as one (just like the ones in the last post), taking my tally to 4. Wish me luck.

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