August 5, 2009

Notes from a Coorg visit in June

The monsoon is supposed to be at its peak in June/July in Coorg. No such thing this year. An occasional drizzle which would threaten to grow into something worthier but would stop just short is all we got. Still, it’s all very beautiful.

We weren’t the only ones eager for rain…

Waiting For Showers

…and we did get a drizzle soon. The dreamy soft-focus here is caused by a few stray droplets on the lens. These are pomegranate buds/flowers.

Pomegranate Flower

Pomegranate Flower

The paddy fields near our home-stay collected whatever little rain that did fall.

Patterns In A Paddy Field

Paddy Field

Paddy Field

Everything looked fresh and squeaky clean.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers

The day ended with a glorious sunset.

Glorious Sunset

We stopped by at the monastary at Kushalnagar on our way back.


Realized I had never looked straight up before. Was pleasantly surprised to see the chandelier use fluorescent lamps. The two shades flanking it continue to use the lamp’s original Edison edition.

Chandelier at the Bylakuppe Monastery

p.s. The new camera still hasn’t seen much action. The photos here are from the old EOS 350D.

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