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Yet another short trip to Coorg Apr 2, 2009 When we went to Coorg two weeks ago, we already knew that it was not going to be siginficantally cooler than Bangalore. And indeed, save for an Devdas - of the Kamal Haasan variety Feb 22, 2009 While looking for the Dev D music at a music store this weekend, I stumbled upon an older version of Devdas - rather Chandramukhi Devdas - starring From today, I won’t be mopey about mops Jan 18, 2009 When I moved to Bangalore, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a maid working in my house. It was partly out of concern for my privacy, partly driven by Ghajini or how I shouldn’t have begun my new year Jan 1, 2009 Ghajini is the sort of movie that makes you thank Aamir for doing only one movie a year. There are so many obvious lacunae in the plot (even for a My dogged determination to sleep runs into dogs Dec 20, 2008 It’s 3 AM in the morning and I find myself unable to sleep. The friendly neighborhood dogs are exceptionally frisky tonight and just wouldn’t stop Cambridge Sep 23, 2008 Cambridge I learnt that some things can be pretty, gaudy and pretty gaudy all at the same time. Clearly, it is something that do archer A Crow Sep 3, 2008 Crows might not be the stateliest of birds, but they can be adorable in their own peculiar way. Seeing a crow reminds me of two fables: a.) The Lion King Aug 23, 2008 Not related to the Disney movie or musical in any way. Spotted at a random building somewhere around Reagent’s Regent’s Park in London Galaxies Aug 17, 2008 Taken at the Lal Bagh Independence Day flower show 3 days ago. I went to the flower show on the 14th this time, and was able to avoid the 61 Years Of Indian Independence Aug 15, 2008 Indian Independence Day Here’s wishing everyone a happy Independence Day! Devil May Care Aug 12, 2008 That’s what these leaves seemed to be singing to the sun. This was taken near a cluster of bamboo at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Mendicant Aug 11, 2008 I was drawn to this old man at Srirangapatna by the florescent-pink tilak on his forehead. I vaguely remember paying him for this An Archer Framed Into A Wall Aug 10, 2008 The Wall The Wall I am glad that I have a category called “Weird and Wonderful” under which I file photos, because for pictures like these, it comes Hungry Pigeons + Fries = Chaos Aug 8, 2008 Pigeons and Fries Pigeons and Fries Ok, I realize that not all is well with these shots. I was merely experimenting with placing the camera in Electric Monochromatic Rainbow Aug 6, 2008 Spotted at Lal Bagh. I would have loved to stay back and check if the contraption is still functional but it was Bhutan Redux Aug 4, 2008 A Girl At Bhutan A Boy At Bhutan We were walking a particularly desolate stretch between two monasteries in Bhumtang when we passed a little village Three Heads Jul 24, 2008 At the Dastkar Mela again, but this time it was the Bangalore edition. Last year they came here in August at the Chitrakala Parishad Stamens Jul 22, 2008 It’s still early days (this is no. 6 of the 100 I’ve promised myself), and I am resorting to flowers already! Given that I spent about 70% Crouching Monkey Hidden Lens Jul 20, 2008 Crouching Monkey Hidden Lens To a first-time visitor to Lal Bagh, the monkeys near the lake can be intimidating. Yes Pitter-Patter Jul 19, 2008 A rainy dat at coorg A rainy day at coorg We woke up from our afternoon siesta to the pitter-patter of raindrops on our room’s roof. It was Next page