On movies

Whenever a big Hollywood sequel is due for a release, at least one TV channel here is sure to show the movie(s) that preceded it. This happened with X-Men and more recently with Kung Fu Panda. We wonder whether it’s a ploy on the part of the movie studios to pull more viewers into the theatre by showing what is effectively a 90 minute ad, or on the part of the TV channels to gain viewership riding on the buzz that a new sequel generates.

A giant poster of Kung Fu Panda overlooks the Bijlmer Arena station these days.

On movies 1On movies 1

On Monday, we let ourselves be persuaded by it to buy the tickets for the 3D IMAX show this weekend.

Talking of movies, we caught Goldmember this weekend on the telly. This is a movie we least expected to be broadcast by a channel in The Netherlands. After all, the archvillain in the movie introduces himself as:

Hey everybody I am from Holland, isn’t that weird? Yessss!”

And as far as Dutch (or even Benelux) references are concerned, it’s pretty much downhill from there.

Both Dutch and English news channels here show Dutch subtitles. I was curious to see what they do to this scene which is a brilliant satire on sub-titles of foreign language movies being occasionally unreadable because they blend with the background:

On movies 2On movies 2

On movies 3On movies 3

The double sub-titling definitely took some punch off the jokes.

June 15, 2011