On a Saturday

It was probably our rainiest morning in Amsterdam. Usually on a Saturday like this, we would just sit by our window, sip hot tea, and pity the poor, soaking wretches scrambling to their respective destinations (or as is often the case here, walking their dogs). I am sure it was someone else’s turn to do the same today, because we were out to catch the morning Kung Fu Panda II show.

These new fangled Senz umbrellas are very popular here. Never before has something done so right looked so wrong.

Aerodynamically designed and what not…Aerodynamically designed and what not…

After my umbrella had turned inside out twice, I was beginning to see their appeal. Then I looked at my wife to see how she was coping with it. Each time her umbrella would invert, she would sagely point it against the wind and have the wind fix what the wind broke. Both our brollies survived today, although it was the sort of day when a lot of tattered umbrellas turn up inside bins all over the city:

The sort of day when umbrellas go to trashThe sort of day when umbrellas go to trash

Since the train we usually take to Bijlmer ArenA wasn’t scheduled to arrive for the next 10 minutes, we decided to hop on to another train which would get us to a station from where we would have two more choices to the ArenA. Except that we were so busy chatting that we didn’t get down at that double-choice station. We got off at the next station, took a train back to the double-choice station, (finally) got down there and caught the train to Bijlmer ArenA.

The panda sees you…The panda sees you…

This icon on all the doors on the metro, looked especially relevant today (and kept reminding me of that Amitabh Bachchan - Smita Patil song from Coolie).

Aaj rapat jayen to…Aaj rapat jayen to…

Despite the rain and the mini-adventure with trains we were there 20 minutes early. The wife used the time at the automatic booking kiosks to find out how crowded the morning show was going to be. Turns out that in a hall with a capacity of 534, only 17 seats were going to be full.

Now that I am off all social networks I can (somewhat) control the flow of information into my life. After a long time I was going to a movie without reading up anything on it or hearing what other people in my circle had to say about it. It makes the movie doubly enjoyable. In the same spirit, I will not say anything about the movie and give the unsuspecting readers a chance to go to the movie with a blank slate. Ok I will say one thing but it’s hidden so you should want to see it no longer hidden.

Lord Shen (the peacock), reminded me a lot of Irfan Khan - or rather the Irfan Khan in 7 Khoon Maaf. Most likely it is a combination of those bulging eyes and long flowing robes. Irfan-Shen

p.s. Indulgence of the day: A couple of unruled pocket Moleskines for jotting down ideas on the move.

June 18, 2011