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Two Hong Kong trips seventeen years apart Mar 13, 2018 My first visit to Hong Kong in the year 2000 had left quite an impression on me. I was there again last year. Visiting a country after seventeen 2017: My year in music Jan 1, 2018 Montage Kurt Vonnegut in Timequake: I say in speeches that a plausible mission of artists is to make people appreciate being alive at least a Man and machine Nov 26, 2017 We all experience moments when it seems like the whole world is out to get you. You can issue and return books from the public library in Amsterdam The photos in the corridor Nov 4, 2017 The corridor of our apartment floor would sometimes feels a bit gloomy. Except for a large black and white photograph - taken from the North Exit of Spoke too soon? Oct 16, 2017 Me a week ago: We packed away the fan last weekend and I’d be surprised (and worried) if it needs to be assembled again before May. The Summer is over Oct 8, 2017 Second week of October is pretty late in the year to be saying this, but I wanted to be sure. We packed away the fan last weekend Zippers Oct 1, 2017 Despite years of wearing jackets with full-length zippers, the wife and I found ourselves struggling with zipping and unzipping while trying on new My top three favourite movies Sep 26, 2017 Some movies manage to become the staple of in-flight entertainment. I discovered Edge of Tomorrow on a flight and it became an instant favourite of Summer 2017 in Amsterdam… Jun 25, 2017 …as panels of an imaginary comic: In June, days in Amsterdam stretch on for 16+ hours. The afternoon sun, even on partly-cloudy days when it’s a Appreciating Trees Jun 16, 2017 I came across an article in The New Yorker that prognosticates how Greenland would change as the global warming progresses and causes the years old Seville - Day 2 Jun 5, 2017 We walked through the warren of narrow streets in the old town in search of a place that’d serve us breakfast. Along the way we encountered several Rainbow over Brouwersgracht May 24, 2017 April doet wat hij wil - April does what it wants - goes the Dutch saying about tempramental April weather. A few days ago I was walking to work on Phone cameras and depth of field Apr 24, 2017 Some four years ago, while playing with Hipstamatic’s TinType addon, I had remarked: My biggest gripe with phone cameras is the lack of depth of Seville - Day 1 Apr 21, 2017 The words “two-and-a-half-hour flight” get me nostalgic about numerous flights I used to take between Bangalore and Delhi. In Western Europe, a Spring Apr 4, 2017 in Amsterdam always takes me by suprise. After just four months of looking at dull, wintery landscape you forget how colourful and vibrant Blue skies and teapots Mar 19, 2017 I spent considerable time in the 90s tinkering with the POV Ray ray-tracer. You’d use a C-like language to describe placement of camera, lights and Kaleidoscopic Dutch houses Feb 4, 2017 I might be going a wee bit overboard with some of the effects I discovered yesterday in Pixelmator. I had clicked the original some two Warped Feb 3, 2017 Dr. Strange-esque p.s. The location on google street view A little mixed up Jan 26, 2017 After over two years of floundering around, I finally finished the Dutch tree on Duolingo. I wrote a little verse to celebrate: Eet smakelijk! is so On global warming Jan 21, 2017 I took this picture during the 2016 Light Festival in Amsterdam. Today felt like a particularly good day to post it: Next page