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On watercolours Mar 8, 2015 The compulsory painting classes in our school were a laughable formality. They didn’t follow a curriculum and no attempt was made to teach even the A bridge in Cologne Dec 26, 2014 I don’t know what led my uncle in the US to pick a jigsaw puzzle with the Cologne Cathedral on it. I don’t know of any family ties to Cologne. Nor On Vivian Maier Dec 23, 2014 Vivian Maier was an ordinary person with an extraordinary obsession with photography. She worked as a nanny practically all her life and died poor Photoblog: Photo #48 - Scale Sep 4, 2014 If you look closely at the ship in the background, you’ll realise that there are a lot of people standing on the top deck. I think the minute size Photoblog: Photo #47 - The view from IJdok Aug 31, 2014 When we moved to our apartment in Amsterdam three years ago, a building was coming up right in front. Rather it seemed like a building. It fact, it Seeing faces Apr 9, 2013 The improvement in quality of phone cameras and the phones’ ability to run powerful image processing apps has started to open some interesting You and I and gro-cer-y Mar 8, 2013 The wife and I met online several years ago. We are from the same city but at that time both of us were working in different parts of India. We Marken’s wintery landscape Feb 17, 2013 We had last visited Marken over a year ago in summer. Despite having endured a particularly cold and long winter this year, I didn’t expect Marken Not all who wander are lost Dec 31, 2012 You learn all sorts of things about yourself once you leave the house or the city where you grew up. My biggest realisation has been that I love The canal in IKEA’s Amsterdam photo Dec 18, 2012 When we moved to our apartment in Amsterdam, all its walls were bare except for the living room wall where this cheesy, mass-produced IKEA print Unfinished books Sep 2, 2012 I just finished reading Author Author, a fictionalised biographical sketch of Henry James by David Lodge. While I immensely enjoyed it, this post is Cricket: a year on Apr 2, 2012 I saw SRT’s tweet this morning but didn’t catch the reference till the wife mentioned it this evening: Time flies but memories last forever. What a On coming back to Amsterdam Feb 20, 2012 In our flat in Bangalore, a print of David Lorenz Winston’s Solitude used to hang on the living room wall. It depicted a tree standing alone in the A personal history of listening to music — the record player Feb 8, 2012 There is a little story that I grew up listening to that is still told by mom with much relish. Many years ago, we were living in a rented house in A personal history of listening to music — the old radio Jan 22, 2012 My memory is fading. This has to be written down. 30 years is not an awfully long time, but nothing has changed more than the way we buy and listen Marken - Volendam - Edam Oct 6, 2011 For about 9€, you can get a “Waterland ticket” and travel on the Arriva buses all day. Because of the construction work at the Amsterdam Centraal In which I try to define homesickness Sep 28, 2011 The hardest part about moving to a new country is not the new job, not the weather, not a new set of rules, mores and traditions, but homesickness. This non-committal summer Jun 30, 2011 The seasons in Delhi live inside a neatly organized chest of drawers. Summers get three drawers. Winters one. Spring and monsoons get a small drawer If music be the… May 15, 2011 [The events in this post took place on the 13th but I finished writing it today just as Azerbaijan were crowned the Eurovision song contest Rough Draft: On Letting Go May 12, 2011 One of the hardest things I did before moving to Amsterdam was to give away my collection of 500 odd audio CDs - painstakingly curated over a period Next page