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Quarantine Diaries, Day 19 Apr 3, 2020 22:00 While the worldwide shortage of PPE and ventilators has been well publicised, there is a growing shortage of drugs needed to run an ICU that’s Quarantine Diaries, Day 18 Apr 2, 2020 19:00 After close to 3 weeks of video conferencing I am getting sick of the constant lag, dropped frames and choppy audio. In person meetings will Quarantine Diaries, Day 17 Apr 1, 2020 19:20 Went on a grocery run with the wife so that we could divvy up the list and get done sooner. Turns out that under our current social distancing Quarantine Diaries, Day 16 Mar 31, 2020 22:30 The dishes are done! Was listening to the recent episode of Peter Attia’s Podcast. No matter which way you slice the numbers, Covid-19 is Quarantine Diaries, Day 15 Mar 30, 2020 22:16 No desire to do the dishes again. When two adults eat 3 meals at home and drink several cups of tea and coffee, it’s a lot of dishes. Today’s Quarantine Diaries, Day 14 Mar 29, 2020 23:07 Not sleepy and not feeling like doing the pile of dishes in the sink. 18:30 Woke up from strange dreams. Of late I’ve been dreaming of crowded The old cassette player Jan 16, 2020 Illustration: the old cassette player The mono cassette player at our home was one of the earliest pieces of electronic gadgetry we were allowed to 2019: My year in music Jan 1, 2020 This is the fourth year I am sharing my selection of 50 or so tracks that I really enjoyed that year. Like years before, and unlike most mainstream A day trip to Capri Dec 6, 2019 Two days into our vacation in Naples, on a relatively sunny November day, we took a day trip to Capri. It was a 40 minute walk from our hotel to the A gable stone for a time traveller from the past Nov 23, 2019 The municipality of Amsterdam recently posted a short article about the life and works of George Hendrik Breitner. The post included a picture of Patterns of bricks on sidewalks of Amsterdam Oct 18, 2019 Over the past few days, I’ve become quite interested in patterns of bricklaying on the sidewalks and streets of Amsterdam. There seem to be 4 major Listening to the soundtrack of Tezaab after 25+ years Sep 28, 2019 I grew up in Delhi at a time where there were only two TV channels. They would broadcast government sanctioned programing for limited hours in the Heatwaves Sep 9, 2019 The heatwave in July this year led to record temperatures across the Netherlands. Eight weather stations logged maximum temperatures higher than Impressionism in Canada Sep 2, 2019 A work meeting in Munich a couple of weeks ago got canceled at the last minute. That left me with a free day to look around. A quick internet search Postcards from New York City Jul 20, 2019 On a visit to New York City a few weeks ago, we took a boat tour in the Hudson river with our friends. The tour offered wonderful views of the Spring Snow Jun 23, 2019 Come May and the elm trees in Amsterdam disperse clumps of their seeds into the air. A thin, pale-white veneer of these seeds settles down on the Spring Apr 28, 2019 A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid Apr 7, 2019 We were in Madrid last week. It’s a 2½ hour flight from Amsterdam. The wife and I mused that it’s the same duration as the Delhi-Bangalore flight A day in Pisa Feb 17, 2019 After a couple of leisurely days in Florence, we1 started looking for nearby places we could visit. Pisa stood out - not only for a chance to see The bathroom drain Jan 12, 2019 The tiles around our bathroom drain are asymmetric: The misaligned bathroom drain I am severely myopic but I don’t bathe with my glasses on. So even Next page