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Blue skies and teapots Mar 19, 2017 I spent considerable time in the 90s tinkering with the POV Ray ray-tracer. You’d use a C-like language to describe placement of camera, lights and Kaleidoscopic Dutch houses Feb 4, 2017 I might be going a wee bit overboard with some of the effects I discovered yesterday in Pixelmator. I had clicked the original some two Warped Feb 3, 2017 Dr. Strange-esque p.s. The location on google street view A little mixed up Jan 26, 2017 After over two years of floundering around, I finally finished the Dutch tree on Duolingo. I wrote a little verse to celebrate: Eet smakelijk! is so On global warming Jan 21, 2017 I took this picture during the 2016 Light Festival in Amsterdam. Today felt like a particularly good day to post it: 2016: My year in music Jan 1, 2017 Just a few years ago, the universe of music I had access to was small. I also had limited means of discovering new music. And while Napster and My Dangal Review Dec 26, 2016 These days, I am blissfully ignorant of the latest movies coming out of Bollywood. The wife still keeps a tab on them and it was she who told me Autumn colours in Amsterdam Oct 30, 2016 The tree at the intersection of Brouwersgracht and Keizersgracht was one of the first trees in Amsterdam to start developing fall colours. Within no Bergen’s Funicular Oct 18, 2016 The wife is addicted enough to Pokémon Go to seek out new Pokémon when we are traveling but still not addicted enough to pay for a roaming data plan Winter’s footsteps Oct 5, 2016 Summer this year in Amsterdam has been so warm and so long, that the cooler autumn temperatures of the past three days, quite normal for this time A musical street in Istanbul Oct 2, 2016 While walking through a popular street in Istanbul my pace slackened as my ears caught strains of music and singing. There were a lot of restaurants From Bergen to Flåm and back Sep 23, 2016 The wife and I love train journeys. While planning for our trip to Bergen in Norway, the wife had read about how beautiful the train ride from Welcome to my new blog! Sep 10, 2016 More content coming in a couple of weeks. Global warming etc. Feb 2, 2016 Exposure or ‘De Hurkende Man’ (The Crouching Man) is a 25 meter high metallic sculpture in Lelystad by British sculptor Antony Gormley. We paid a Mariza in Amsterdam Aug 17, 2015 Mariza performed at the Concertgebouw last week and we happened to be in attendance. That she is a talented Fado singer is something I knew from her Photoblog: Photo #75 - De Lezende Kip Aug 16, 2015 While walking through a quiet neighbourhood in Amsterdam today, I came across this gable stone depicting a rooster reading a book. The inscription In which Amsterdam poses me a musical riddle Jun 28, 2015 For a long time I’ve been fascinated by the colourful gable stones that adorn the houses of Amsterdam. They are usually found just above the door of Photoblog: Photo #71 - The antique book/art shop May 3, 2015 On my way from work I often walk past a shop on Haarlemmerstraat that sells old books and works of art. I’ve never been inside the shop, but from On watercolours Mar 8, 2015 The compulsory painting classes in our school were a laughable formality. They didn’t follow a curriculum and no attempt was made to teach even the A bridge in Cologne Dec 26, 2014 I don’t know what led my uncle in the US to pick a jigsaw puzzle with the Cologne Cathedral on it. I don’t know of any family ties to Cologne. Nor Next page