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Quarantine Diaries, Day 31 Apr 15, 2020 22:00 Completely forgot to wash my hands after returning home. Don’t think I touched my face. Still, the horror. 😱 21:00 We now do groceries once Quarantine Diaries, Day 30 Apr 14, 2020 Toilet paper and hair clipper shortage will soon be joined by chalk shortage in Amstedam. Our courtyard and pavements are full of children’s chalk Quarantine Diaries, Day 29 Apr 13, 2020 15:00 Sudden temperature dips notwithstanding, it felt late enough today to wash, dry and pack away my two mufflers1. While folding them, I was Quarantine Diaries, Day 28 Apr 12, 2020 (Posted 13 Apr 2020, 20:25) 19:00 On the way back from my evening walk, I saw a group of teenagers trimming each others’ hair with an electric Quarantine Diaries, Day 27 Apr 11, 2020 (Posted 12 Apr 2020, 23:39) 12:15 I didn’t check today, but two weeks ago, our local Saturday market was still operating. While the majority of Quarantine Diaries, Day 26 Apr 10, 2020 (Posted 12 Apr 2020, 23:02) 21:00 We finished watching the 4 episode mini-series Unorthodox on Netflix. It offered us an intimate look into the life Quarantine Diaries, Day 25 Apr 9, 2020 21:18 Tall buildings in Amsterdam are beginning to light up their windows in the shape of a heart. Quite possibly in support of healthcare workers Quarantine Diaries, Day 24 Apr 8, 2020 Dutch swear words are all about diseases. I haven’t personally had abuses hurled at me recently, but if this podcast is anything to go by, Quarantine Diaries, Day 23 Apr 7, 2020 13:20 Our collective resolve to stay indoors is beginning to fray a little. Life is still very far from going back to normal but I certainly saw Quarantine Diaries, Day 22 Apr 6, 2020 20:00 Managed to stick to the food time table we made yesterday. Definitely eases a not so insignificant cognitive load during a working day. 15:00 Quarantine Diaries, Day 21 Apr 5, 2020 21:00 Thinking about Cruise ships also reminded me of SAIL - a once-every-five year nautical gala that Amsterdam is due to host in August. Hundreds Quarantine Diaries, Day 20 Apr 4, 2020 20:00 Stepped out for a quick grocery run. Need to get a bigger fridge and stop treating the neighbourhood grocery store as our pantry. Amsterdam Quarantine Diaries, Day 19 Apr 3, 2020 22:00 While the worldwide shortage of PPE and ventilators has been well publicised, there is a growing shortage of drugs needed to run an ICU that’s Quarantine Diaries, Day 18 Apr 2, 2020 19:00 After close to 3 weeks of video conferencing I am getting sick of the constant lag, dropped frames and choppy audio. In person meetings will Quarantine Diaries, Day 17 Apr 1, 2020 19:20 Went on a grocery run with the wife so that we could divvy up the list and get done sooner. Turns out that under our current social distancing Quarantine Diaries, Day 16 Mar 31, 2020 22:30 The dishes are done! Was listening to the recent episode of Peter Attia’s Podcast. No matter which way you slice the numbers, Covid-19 is Quarantine Diaries, Day 15 Mar 30, 2020 22:16 No desire to do the dishes again. When two adults eat 3 meals at home and drink several cups of tea and coffee, it’s a lot of dishes. Today’s Quarantine Diaries, Day 14 Mar 29, 2020 23:07 Not sleepy and not feeling like doing the pile of dishes in the sink. 18:30 Woke up from strange dreams. Of late I’ve been dreaming of crowded The old cassette player Jan 16, 2020 Illustration: the old cassette player The mono cassette player at our home was one of the earliest pieces of electronic gadgetry we were allowed to 2019: My year in music Jan 1, 2020 This is the fourth year I am sharing my selection of 50 or so tracks that I really enjoyed that year. Like years before, and unlike most mainstream Next page