Quarantine Diaries, Day 18

19:00 After close to 3 weeks of video conferencing I am getting sick of the constant lag, dropped frames and choppy audio. In person meetings will feel like a miracle after this for the non-laggy audio alone.

15:07 Saw this outside our GPs clinic a few days ago:

No EntryNo Entry

It’s yet another way in which the old ways of this world are being upended - you no longer simply visit your GP when you are sick. They now offer consultations over phone and video and are even working 7 days a week. A newsletter I got from their office even offered to make arrangements for doing groceries for members of their practice that were in a high risk category owing to age or comorbidities.

14:40 With no cricket being played these days, Cricinfo has been dusting off their archival content. Their RetroLive” feature showcases old matches - including prematch preview, live” ball by ball text commentary and post-match analysis. While broadcasting old matches works on television (and even there probably as a highlights package) I am not so sure about text commentary. They featured the 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka today. I tuned in for India’s innings out of sheer nostalgia and even had my pulse go up for a moment as Malinga dismissed Sehwag and Tendulkar. But then the reality of this being text commentary for a match from over 9 years ago sank in and I closed the browser’s tab.

ESPN Cricinfo RetroliveESPN Cricinfo Retrolive

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