Old posts from a trip to Bhutan in 2008

We visited Bhutan in 2008. It was my first visit to the Himalayas. I was quite moved by the beauty and the grandeur of the eastern Himalayas and had written a detailed account of each day of our stay there. When I migrated my blog from blogspot to its present vanity domain, I toyed with various blogging platforms including one I had written myself. I eventually settled on Wordpress but most posts that I had made during the transitory period were lost. A friend who is about to visit Bhutan dug them out recently and wondered if I had the pictures that went with the posts around. Fortunately I did, and just today I finished re-posting the entire day-by-day account with pictures.

Punakha DzongPunakha Dzong

The writing and the pictures both come a little short of my expectations. I am not proud of them but neither am I ashamed of them - I was who I was.

May 19, 2012